Bill Wood, Illustrator

Bill Wood started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil, but began doing professional illustrations in 2007.  He provided cartoons to various local papers and doing illustrations for books published by local authors.  It was while developing content for one local author where his day job met with his side job, his former boss, a retired Army general, had hired him to provide illustrations for a book on leadership.  Bill joined the Army when he was seventeen, serving until 2001.  He has worked for the Army in a civilian capacity ever since.  The chance to blend his career and his passion to draw was an exciting prospect.  During a leadership seminar put on by the retired general, Angela Maskey obtained a copy of the book with the illustrations by Bill.  This led to Angela hiring Bill to illustrate “Amanda: A Rabbit Rescue Tale.”

Angela Maskey, Author

Angela Maskey has worn many hats throughout her career, including events coordinator, marketing, guest relations and more. Regardless of position or industry, her primary focus has always been elevating the customer experience. She is the owner of OCW Enterprises, which encompasses Orange Cat Wraps Gift Wrapping Services (, and books. Encouraging her interest in writing, her husband Kevin suggested a children’s book, and the true story of Amanda the Rabbit was the perfect fit for the first publication. Thankfully, she was introduced to Bill Wood, who perfectly captured the spirit of the tale and brought the Amanda characters to life with his endearing artistic interpretations. Future additions to the series will likewise include adorable animals, overcoming adversity and showing kindness to others, in line with Angela’s personal mission statement to “be a blessing” to all.

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